"Digital Datong" releases the transformation dividends to carry out big data service industry special recruitment and employment

"Digital Datong" releases the transformation dividends to carry out big data service industry special recruitment and employment

  Xinhuanet, Taiyuan, June 2nd. "Entrepreneurship, employment capital, Datong big data service industry employment special operations officially launched." On the morning of the 2nd, Lu Dongliang, member of the Standing Committee of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Datong Municipal Party Committee, announced that Datong special recruitment activities were drawn. Beginning.

More than 2,600 people recruit big data calls, analysis and other positions at the event site.

  Event site. The employment of Xinhuanet (Photo by Feng Yu) is the foundation of people’s livelihood, and it is an important guarantee for the key support and social stability of economic operations in a reasonable range.

The Promotion of Employment Promotion held by Shanxi not long ago proposed that it puts stable employment in a more prominent position, key points of accurate points, took out hard tricks, and solidly do the various tasks of stable employment. In this context, Datong City held a special recruitment activity to release the dividends of the big data industry, attracting young people to return, and let local young people participate in urban transformation and development and digital economy.

  Aviation site recruitment activities. Before the recruitment event of Xinhuanet (Photo by Feng Yu), many people came to the scene before they came to the scene to consult and apply for jobs in front of the professional director and enterprises. "Now we are vigorously developing the big data industry. The companies and positions recruited today are mainly related to the big data industry." The employment instructor Li Chengying introduced to the site and consultants. Liu Ying, who has worked in Tianjin for six years, wanted to go back to his hometown for employment. On the same day, she came to the recruitment site early. Consult the local employment policy in front of the professional director, and then understand and communicate at the recruitment windows of each enterprise.

Soon she had a "Zhongyi" enterprise and registered information at Shanxi Runxun Technology Co., Ltd.

  At the recruitment site, there are no shortage of "job search dads" and "job hunting mother". "My daughter has graduated from English and has five or six years of work experience." Ms. Xiao, 58, came to apply for a job instead of her daughter in Beijing. Take the "opportunity" to the daughter back. Consultation of job seekers at the career guidance window.

Xinhuanet (Photo by Feng Yu) "Our recruitment activities for employment special session are in -depth implementation of the decision -making and deployment of the Central and Provincial Party Committee and Municipal Party Committee, put employment in a more prominent position, and allow more young people to achieve recent employment and stable employment.

Zhang Qiang, deputy secretary and mayor of Datong Municipal Party Committee.

  According to reports, in recent years, Datong has taken the development of the digital economy as an important starting point for accelerating the development of economic transformation and optimizing the employment structure. It has introduced a number of data centers such as Qinhuai, Zhonglian, and JD.com. The server bearing capacity is 2 million units. At the same time, Datong also built a data collection base and talent training base to accelerate the development of the data service industry, which has driven more than 7,000 employment. At present, Datong has gradually formed a data development pattern of "storage calculation -equipment manufacturing -standard analysis -fusion application -data transaction -security service -talent training".

  Consultation staff on -site consultation. In the next step (Photo by Feng Yu), Datong will continue to promote the development of the big data industry, accelerate the construction of data center cluster, and lead the adjustment of employment structure with industrial structure optimization, expand employment space, and strive to provide employment in the data service industry in 2022 indivual.

  On the day, the recruitment activities were hosted by the Datong Municipal People’s Government, and were hosted by Datong Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau, Datong Digital Government Service Center, and Datong Employment and Talent Service Center. It is worth noting that in order to provide more efficient and convenient services to the majority of job seekers, the event site launched "live streaming" and "cloud recruitment" online. The enterprise appeared in the live broadcast room to introduce the situation of enterprises and positions, and answers netizens’ questions.